First Post, First Publication

Hello interwebs!

My writer buddies have been bugging me to get this website sorted for quite a while. Lazy sod that I am,  I’ve been quite good at finding reasons not to do it, but  after my first published story appeared in the Revolutions anthology I couldn’t really keep wheeling out the same old excuses. So here goes!

I’m Luke, I’ve been writing stories for a couple of years (with varying degrees of success). I started writing after finishing a post grad degree at the University of Manchester. Ever since 2008 I’d been solidly writing in the field of analytic philosophy and wanted to something to fill the creative void when I left those studies behind. I’d always devoured books ever since my old man gave me a huge, cumbersome edition of The Lord of The Rings when I was thirteen, so I thought I’d muck around with a few stories in my spare time to see where it would take me.

Pretty soon I had knocked together a ramshackle fantasy yarn that I thought was the dogs doodahs and started proffering it to any of my friends polite enough to read it. This was obviously the next big thing, no? George RR Martin, watch your ass!

Seeking a more objective viewpoint, I found myself a local spec fic writing group and the veil fell away. I had written a piece of crap. Ten thousand words of execrable dreck not worthy of the paper it was printed on (not their words, they were very diplomatic about it). So I went away and read up about POV’s, narrative voice, and all the other manifold flaws in my writing. This hasn’t changed, I’m always trying to expunge the little flaws and imperfections from my stories. It’s addictive and fun and more gratifying that I could have ever imagined when I started messing around with a few ideas and a word processor.

So that about brings us up to date.

Ooh except the important bit! I had my first publication in December 2015. My dystopian noir Cold Metropolis was featured in the Manchester Speculative Fiction anthology: Revolutions. It is available in print and on kindle from the Amazon book store. My story is one amongst seventeen fantastic speculative fiction stories and it’s a snap at nine quid a pop (£3.95 on kindle).

So make a fella happy and go buy a copy!